ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

ISO 9001 is also called as a complete business standard that reduces various risks and enhances overall profitability and also strengthens organization and customer relationship. Implementation of management system w.r.t. ISO 9001 standard requirement make every organization, small or big, a profit making centre in long run.

Businesses small and large benefit from good practices. ISO 9001 system emphasises on making every process accountable and error free. Basic quality management is a result of good practices.

The international standard, ISO 9001, defines the areas common to all businesses that affect quality performance and the procedures that should be in place to ensure that customer requirements are fully met in a controlled and measured way.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Implementation
  • Production and service cost is reduced to lot extent.
  • Process rejection and rework is reduced and subsequently eliminated at certain stage
  • Customer satisfaction is achieved by on-time delivery of quality products
  • Customer complaints are also reduced and eliminated
  • Cost of inventory and non value added material is reduced
  • Lead time required to convert the raw material to finished product is reduced
  • Services become more effective and efficient in all manners
  • Housekeeping standard is lifted to certain level
  • Loss of energy, time and money is prevented
  • In general “Waste” from all processes is reduced and "Profitability" is increased.