LEED Certification

Mother Nature cares everyone equally. But does everyone care Mother Nature equally? This is unanswered question since long time, but all we know only one answer .... 'No'. Had everybody taken due care of the nature, we could have saved all natural resources to lot extent and would have enjoyed more and more. But this is not the case today; bitter truth of day is the environmental crisis that we are facing. Unwanted alarm bells are ringing because potential calamities are making their presence felt.

Our infrastructure industry is creator of shelter for everyone to live, work, play and share under. But do we know that every human being is also creator of waste, soil erosion, excess water and energy consumption and consumers of natural resources. As a responsible organization, Geotek Global has taken initiative by taking responsibility and adopt corrective measures.

One such measure is the development of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental (LEED) system.
LEED guides you towards environmental sensitive or popularly known as "Green" practices and also acknowledges your efforts by grading you.

We at Geotek Global understand the LEED rating system and provide you assistance in your through your efforts for LEED Certification. To acquire a LEED rating, your building needs to adopt environmentally conscious measures right from design stage till completion of construction.
Our involvement in the green building project starts right from the concept stage till the time the building obtains LEED certification i.e. completion of project. We help you to bring your design to green standards, adopt green construction practices, select green products and educate all involved in green practices. In addition we also help you to accomplishing green practices by guiding you in documentation and implementation.

Industry That Can Go Ahead For Lead Certification
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Cultural
Benefits of LEED Certification:
  • LEED Certification can be started effectively along with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as integrated management system.
  • Overhead cost is reduced in terms of consumables like oil, grease, lubricants etc.
  • Overall materials and energy required for constructing a building is reduced.
  • Health of employees is improved thereby output is increased
  • Employees are attracted to a company with a plan to protect the immediate work environment and the surrounding community.
  • Orgnizations can attract more customer by appealing Green Buildings’.
  • LEED Certification develops way of thinking about environmental aspects.
  • Natural resources like air, water, and soil maintained clean
  • Longer resource life through reduced usage.
  • Progress toward a sustainable culture.